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刚在新加坡就人民币这个熱門話題演講.  現附上講詞和幻燈片, 供大家參考, 請指教.  很抱歉, 只有英文. 



I attach two files (in different word versions) on the speech entitled “The People’s Currency” I just made in Singapore and another file on the power point presentation slides I used.

Joseph Yam






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大家好 Hello


很抱歉,很久沒有和大家溝通了。自從四月在中文大学全球经济金融研究所的工作開展後,我忙於協助研究所將未來幾年的研究議題定下來,同時又要特別留意国际金融近期令人擔心的发展,所以个多月未有「招呼」大家。 可能是因為我和美国財長蓋特納曾经見面的關係,最近有頗多朋友問我對人民幣的看法,這也是我一直非常関心的範圍。所以,我会利用於本月19日在新加坡演講的机会,发表一下我的意見,供大家參考。在演講发表後,我会將演詞放在這個網址上。



Sorry for not communicating with you here for over a month. I have been busy with the work at the new Institute of Global Economics and Finance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, trying to help out in determining the research agenda of the Institute for the next few years. I have also been busy observing and studying recent, worrying developments in international finance. There have been a number of requests for my views on the renminbi, perhaps because I had the opportunity of meeting with Secretary Geithner when he came through here on his way to Beijing. This, of course, is also a subject matter of great interest to me. I will therefore make use of the opportunity of delivering a keynote address at a conference to be held in Singapore on 19 May to give my view of the subject. I will put the speech on this website after delivery of the speech.

Joseph Yam

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