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有朋友問我, 在6月21日发表的人民币離岸市场的文章(只有英文版)裏的第8段第2句說的”不分割的支持”的意義是什么.  今天人民银行公布了利用香港人民币清萛行為台湾地区提供人民币現鈔清萛服务, 沒有另起爐灶, 便是不分割的支持的好例子, 可喜可賀.




I was asked what I meant by “undivided support” in the second sentence of paragraph 9 of my Inaugural Lecture delivered on 21 June 2010 on the Off-shore renminbi market.  Today the People’s Bank of China gave a very good example of such “undivided support” to develop Hong Kong as the off-shore renminbi market.  The renminbi Settlement Bank in Hong Kong is tasked to provide renminbi settlement services to Taiwan. 


Joseph Yam

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